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Investment Management

Starts at 0.80% annually

The details:

  • In most cases, investment management follows the completion of a financial plan that serves as the foundation for our work together.
  • We do the work to help you set up the appropriate investment accounts, consolidate existing accounts and invest them in a way appropriate to your unique circumstances. An Investment Policy Statement establishes written guidelines for how the portfolio is managed.
  • Investment accounts are held at Charles Schwab, a third-party custodian that provides independent confirmation of the safekeeping of your assets.
  • Once accounts are set up and invested appropriately, we will monitor and periodically rebalance to ensure your accounts remain consistent with your target allocations and risk level.
  • Other services include assistance with employer-sponsored retirement plans and year-round availability to help you address key financial issues as they arise.
  • Includes financial planning updates for clients who have more than $350,000 managed by Four Ponds.
(888) 285-7705 | info@fourpondsfinancial.com