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iStock_000014572716XSmallFour Ponds Financial Planning LLC offers prospective clients a variety of financial planning options, from one-time planning sessions to ongoing investment management and financial advice. Listed below are some of our services and their costs based on an hourly billing rate of $250. Customized engagements are offered for those with unique or complex circumstances.

Core Financial Plan / $2,500

  • Designed to be the foundation of your financial planning efforts. It can serve as either a stand-alone project or the starting point for more detailed engagements.
  • Focuses on reviewing your investment portfolio and planning for retirement.
  • Also includes development of net worth statement; basic reviews of estate planning, life, disability and long-term care insurance needs; and identification of other issues requiring further attention.
  • Results are explained in a Presentation Meeting and recommendations are outlined in a written Summary Report and Action Plan.
  • The Core Financial Plan may not be enough for many clients, but it will provide an assessment of your overall financial situation and identify areas where additional work may be needed. These may include college savings, insurance needs and estate planning.

Financial Checkup Session / $750

  • A single meeting that focuses on one or two financial issues. A short summary of recommendations may be sent to you after the meeting. This is not a detailed financial review and will not result in an extensive financial plan. This is most appropriate for clients with fairly simple financial circumstances such as those in their late 20s or early 30s.
  • Appropriate topics for discussion include 401(k) investment choices, college savings strategies, basic retirement forecasting and debt management.
  • Click here for more details on the Financial Checkup.

Customized Engagements / $250/hour

  • We provide customized financial planning engagements for those with particularly unique or complex circumstances. We will provide you with a written cost estimate during our complimentary, initial consultation.

Small Business Retirement Planning / $250/hour

  • Assistance for small business owners seeking help setting up retirement plans appropriate for themselves and their employees. Options include SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and small business 401(k) plans. This service includes retirement planning and financial education seminars for employees.

Four Ponds Investing

  • Investment management and continuous financial planning support for those who seek ongoing assistance and wish to delegate investment oversight. Appropriate for clients who have sufficient assets to make the service worthwhile and cost effective for them.
  • Includes creation of an investment policy statement, ongoing portfolio reviews, periodic rebalancing, as-needed financial planning updates and assistance with employer-sponsored retirement plans.
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