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Four Ponds Planning

Financial planning is at the heart of what we do and how most clients get started with us. We review your overall financial health and then make suggestions on ways to improve it. This includes assessing your retirement preparations, offering investment recommendations, suggesting ways to save for college and identifying other important financial issues.

We offer detailed engagements for those close to retirement and those with more complicated circumstances. We also provider shorter reviews for those earlier in life when things are less complicated but when the right decisions early on can yield big dividends later on.

When the financial planning engagement is done, you have the option of implementing the recommendations yourself or asking us to help on an ongoing basis.

Four Ponds Investing

Reduce worry and eliminate procrastination with our low-cost investment management service. Four Ponds Investing combines digital efficiency with a human touch to increase your odds of a successful investment experience.

Built on decades of academic research, Four Ponds Investing stresses proper asset allocation over picking hot stocks or trying to outguess the markets. It relies on passively managed funds that keep your costs low and improve the chances you will capture the market’s long-term returns.

This service includes ongoing financial planning support upon completion of an initial Four Ponds financial plan.

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